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What is E-klase?

E-klase is the most commonly used online student management system In Latvia. E-klase is used by more than 90% of the Latvian educational institutions. It is based on a voluntary, open to cooperation and self-financing principles. The system was established to ensure the efficient exchange of information between all parties involved, thereby enhancing the quality of education process. The main objectives:

  • to offer students more convenient way to follow their grades, homework, and other school-related information;
  • to inform parents about the students learning progress and to communicate freely with teachers;
  • facilitate the work of teachers with preparations of various reports.

Why parents require E-klase?

Parents require E-klase because:

  • quickly and easily lookup the students grades, homework as well as other school related information;
  • parents can easily participate and monitor the students’ progress;
  • find out all the information covered in the parent teacher meetings;
  • parents can submit student absences to school in advance, so the parent doesn’t need to call the teacher or school;
  • get accurate information about all current events in the school;
  • The electronic diary is much more convenient to use than a paper diary;
  • E-klase mail is useful way to communicate with teachers.

Can I use E-klase on my mobile phone or other device?

Mobile application allows students and teachers to quickly and easily connect to E-klase from the mobile phone, tablet or other device. Application is compatible with the Apple iOS and Android operating systems. App can be downloaded for free, but keep in mind that only E-klase Family set users have an advantage of using “Ratings and absence” section.

How to use E-klase application:

  • Apple iOS users have to open the App Store app on their device and enter the keyword “E-klase” in search window, then choose to install the application.
  • Android” users have to open the Google Play Store app on their device and enter the keyword “E-klase” in search window, then choose to install the application.

If your device don’t support “Apple iOS” or “Android” operating systems, or there are problems downloading the application, there is a possibility to use the mobile version of E-klase on the phone. To use a mobile version, user need to open a browser on his device and enter webpage address The mobile version looks exactly like application. You can save a link to the mobile version on your home screen – open a link and then save it (for iOS devices choose “Add to Home Screen” and for Android systems choose “Add Shortcut to Home”).


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