What to do if I don't have a password?

Parents are registered in E-klase by the teacher. Ask your teacher to register your phone number in E-klase. Once the phone number is registered, a password is sent to the number.

What to do if your password is not working?

If the password is not working check:

  • if you are using the right characters, for example, instead of ‘’_’’ you are using ‘’-‘’;
  • if the keyboard is not switched to other language settings;
  • if ‘’Caps Lock’’ is not turned on;

What to do if the password is forgotten?

If you have forgotten your password, write a text message:  EK xxxxxx-xxxxx  to the phone number 1800 (in place of xxxxxx-xxxxx write the students personal code).

Important! The phone number used to send the message has to be registered in E-klase.

In 10 minutes time you will receive a message with a new password.

 If you did not receive a password:

  • the text message was not valid or was sent to a wrong phone number. Check the data and try again.

If you receive a message with a text Skolēnam nav reģistrēts tāds telefona numurs, contact your teacher to correct your registered number.

If you receive a message with a text E-klasē nav tāda personas koda, contact your teacher to correct your personal code.

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Do parents and students have different passwords?

Students and their parents have different passwords! Every user must use only his password, because parent and student profiles have different functions and every user of E-klase has his own private mail that contains individual information meant just for the specific user.

How to know if the right password is being used?

When you receive a message with a password check if it says that you have received a student’s, mother’s or father’s password.

When you are logged in E-klase at your profile information there is a text Sveicināti, E-klasē! Lietotājs: tētis, mamma or skolēns.

If you have received a password for the student contact the teacher to correct the mistake.

What to do if the student has changed class in the same school?

It is not necessary to mention this information anywhere, it will change automatically.

What should be done if student has changed school?

There is a different password for every school. If a student has changed school and this school is a user of E-klase, it is necessary to contact the new schools teacher. The teacher will register your mobile phone number and send you the new password. Your username will stay the same – student’s personal code.

What does "Change the user name" mean?

You can log in E-klase using the students personal code as a username. You can also create your own username, that would be easier for you to remember and use, for example ‘’parent’’. If you create a username you can still access E-klase using the students personal code.